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New Books
Great white shark
The magnificent book of dragons
Aboard the Titanic
King cobras
Bearded dragons
D.B. Cooper
Perfectly nice neighbors
Beyond the door of no return
Ricochet : a novel
North woods : a novel
The land of lost things
Forever home : a novel
One blood
A shot in the dark : a novel
Witch of wild things
Every duke has his day
Cleat cute : a novel
The "Canary" murder case
The sight : a novel
Coyote vs. dingo
The secret hours
Tom Clancy weapons grade
Holly : a novel
The September House : a novel
Bright young women
Red rabbit
Z is for Moose
Mr. Texas : a novel
Memory and desire : a novel
Enchanted to meet you
Hush Harbor : a novel
Amazing Grace Adams : a novel
Things we left behind
The last devil to die
Wellness ; a novel
Blessing of the lost girls
Night watch : a novel